A few years ago, a commercial centered on a little boy telling his father he wants to become a teacher when he grows up. The father tries everything he can to persuade the son to choose a different profession. He suggests he become a doctor, an astronaut and a lawyer, among others. In true childlike fashion, the son responds, “But there would be no doctors without teachers.” What a wise young man! We at Trinity Harlem couldn't agree more.


In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we paid a visit to P.S. 154 Harriet Tubman to visit some of the teachers in our neighborhood. We truly value their dedication to our future leaders and couldn’t miss an opportunity to let them know. There would be no future without them, and since we know they are avid planners, we left them with just that: 2016 planners from Horacio Printing. Encouraging messages are sprinkled throughout and the cover reads: “The best is yet to come!” We believe that wholeheartedly. We hope this small token of our appreciation serves as a reminder that the work they do does not go unnoticed and that just as they believe in their students, we believe in them. The best is truly yet to come.