Saturdays for us are work days. Let’s be real--remodeling a church isn’t for the faint of heart. We come early and stay late and at the end of the day, it doesn’t always seem like we’ve made much progress. But we believe what we’re building both physically and spiritually is colossal in comparison to us because we serve a big God. So we all do our part and make work fun by blasting music and getting to know our team better on those days. It’s team-building in its purest form.

The blog team caught up with our Creative Pastor, Alan Holt, to get behind-the-scenes insight on what’s going on between now and Launch Day and what we can expect once the doors are opened again. Alan and our launch team have been generous in donating their time to help bring this vision to life. We began by stripping and staining the floors, updating the restrooms and painting walls to make an excellent space. The building is truly a work in process but we’re excited for the end results.

"This place is HOME. And for many, will be the only place that feels like a real home. Our team will do whatever it takes to make our building feel comfortable to experience the belonging that's found in Jesus and being a part of His house." - Alan Holt

We believe God is faithful to restore. Just like our building, God can take something old and make it new. And that doesn’t just apply to buildings, it applies to us. We can come to Jesus just as we are and He will take care of all the remodeling. He will give us a renewed mind and a right spirit. He will mend our broken hearts and give us hope for the future. He will remind us that our past and future mistakes will make Him love us no less. In fact, nothing can separate us from His love.

The Renovation Road is one we all travel as believers. It’s a constant process of becoming more like Christ and living life more abundantly. As we restore and redeem the foundations of our church building, we're believing lives would be restored and redeemed when we LAUNCH. We're grateful for God's grace that works from the outside in, to the inside out. 


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