It’s hard to believe it’s been four weeks--a month!--since we launched. If this is a marriage, then our little family is growing Sunday by Sunday. We are so grateful for that growth, but more importantly, that souls are being won to Jesus. That's the greatest win. 

In case you missed it, yesterday was Mother's Day! We just love moms and are so thankful for their love, support and sacrifice. It's because of them that we are who we are today. So we took time yesterday to honor all women, including moms and future moms. At our outdoor Connect Corner, we had a “MOM” temporary tattoo station and offered free mini-makeovers. We also paused for a moment during both services to give each woman a small gift to encourage her and remind her that she is strong, beautiful and chosen by God

As part of our women empowerment weekend, Pastor Kristen preached on the topic: “Break the News.” She took us to Luke 24 when Jesus has just risen. A group of women come looking for His body, but find the tomb empty. Jesus eventually appears to them and they must spread the word. In a time when women’s words weren’t accepted as valid, Jesus chooses to appear to them first and to compel them to break the news of His resurrection. How honored they must have been!

Pastor Kristen then shared the stories of several women in her life who, despite their tragic circumstances, still had strong faith and decided that susceptibility did not mean inevitability. Despite growing up in unstable environments or losing a loved one unexpectedly, each made a choice to stand on the promises of God and even share her story. 

Because we know Jesus, our identity changes. We become new creatures. So when the enemy attacks our identity, it's because he wants to prevent us from having a legacy. But he doesn't get to decide our story. Our story without a Savior has no power, but with Jesus our story becomes a testimony. And when that testimony is shared, it becomes good news to others!

You are chosen by God. You have an identity in Jesus. You have a story and a message. We want to encourage you to break the news.