When we say it just keeps getting better, we mean it. What a full weekend it was! We launched #HEARTFORHARLEM Summer Saturdays, had Pastor Terrance Wilson from Trinity Miami come and reignite the dreamer in us and we hosted a citywide prayer service for our nation. Our hearts are so full. We truly believe we are called to live in community and this weekend was the ultimate reminder. We are all God’s people and any time we get to come together is a great time, indeed. We don’t have to be here, but we get to be here. And we’re so grateful.

If you missed our first Summer Saturday, you missed a treat! But don’t worry--we’re not going anywhere. Join us next weekend as we show God’s love to our community one hot, summer afternoon at a time. On Sunday, we launched a new series called DESIGNED. How fitting it was that Pastor Terrance took us back to the beginning when all things were created! “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) God had a dream. He spent time planning and preparing for that dream until it came to life. We are that dream. He can't stop thinking about us! 

We don’t want to go all Martin Luther King Jr. on you, but...do you have a dream? A dream that perhaps keeps you awake? A dream you can't shake? What are you doing about it? Not sitting on it, we hope, but advancing towards it. A great strategy for moving towards your dream is considering how God our Creator moved towards His dream. Look at the very beginning! Pastor Terrance walked us through the six days of creation .

Day 1: Light

On the first day of creation, God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light. Light gives our vision clarity and we must have clarity to live out our dream. If we can't clearly express our dreams, we can’t walk them out. Light also exposes things. Just as the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shined a light on a dark America, we need to shine a light on the dark places in our lives. We all have some parts of us that we need to shine some light on if we only look inside. God provides light and clarity so we can be who we are called to be. 

"When we find clarity, we find our purpose."

Day 2: Atmosphere

On the second day, God created the atmosphere. To fulfill your dreams, you need the right atmosphere. If you want to fulfill a God dream, you have to have the proper atmosphere. Pastor Terrance said may say we want a drama-free life but we consistently find ourselves in an atmosphere of gossip. We may say we want a godly husband or wife but we look in all the wrong places. But there is an atmosphere of encouragement in the body of Christ. When we worship, chains are broken and heaven moves. We must ask ourselves: “Am I trying to fulfill my dreams in the wrong atmosphere?” If the answer is yes, we must be willing to change our surroundings to prepare for greater.

"Your atmosphere will determine your outcome."

Day 3: Foundation

On the third day, God created the land so His dream could have the proper foundation. It’s because of land that we can stand. Without a solid foundation, our dreams have no room to stand. We must place our hope on the Rock of our salvation--Jesus. He is the ultimate foundation. The more we press into Him, study our Bibles and pray, the more firm our foundation in Him will become. What we do in private will surely come to light.

"Private prayer and practice will propel you towards your public purpose."

Day 4: Sun, Moon & Stars

On the fourth day, God gave us systems of organization. We have a concept of time because of the sun, moon and stars. The earth’s rotations around the sun give us years. The stars in the sky give us light in our darkest hours. God was thinking of us when He created time. We are called to use that time wisely. We can’t get lost in the process, but come up with a plan and structure for our dream. We are all artists and if you don’t give an artist a deadline, he or she will go on forever. We should ask ourselves periodically: “What am I doing with my time?” It’s when we get organized that we realize we have the time. But do we have the discipline?

"A dream without a timeline is a hobby."

Day 5: Fish and Birds

Pastor Terrance showed us in the text that with this creation on the fifth day, God gave us resources. Everything Adam could want or need was there before he was even born. We can take comfort in knowing that with God as our provider, we will always have what we need to do what we are called to do. The resources have always been here, we just need to tap into them. So often, dreams die because they don’t get fed. We aren’t feeding them. But we can. 

"When He calls you to it, He will resource you through it."

Day 6: Us

On Day 6, God created man. He signed His name on us and sent us out into the world. No matter how far we travel, no matter what people say about us or what opinions they form, the artist’s name is on His work. God wrote His name on our hearts. Ephesians 2:10 tells us we are God's handiwork. Some will appreciate us and some won’t. Some critique us and some don’t. He breathed life into us and continues to each day. In the same way, we must breathe life into our dreams each day or they’ll die.

"We are living in the wake of God’s dream."

What’s your dream? Write it down. Make it plain. Shine a light on it and yourself. Surround yourself with the right people and energy. Anchor yourself in the Lord. Get organized. Claim your resources. Walk in your dream. Everything that God ever wanted to give you, He gave you in the beginning.