We’re walking into the month of August with expectancy. We are believing God to replenish us. In fact, it’s the title of our new sermon series launching next Sunday. Summers can be long and hot and we can often feel drained. So this month will be a month of revival for us! It’s a time to refocus and remember what we’re called to. We’re going deeper and getting stronger in our faith. Join us for Replenish--it’s going to be great!

#SummerSaturdays are changing our lives--they have made Saturday afternoons infinitely more...FUN. A couple hours on a playground may seem like nothing, but it’s the world to those kids. Week after week, we meet more new kids and are able to show them the love of Jesus. In return, they keep us young and remind us that we are called to become like children. Their energy, their never ending sense of wonder and their smiles make us grateful that we get to be a part of what God is doing in Harlem. 

Yesterday, Pastor Kristen closed out our #DESIGNED series with a bang! She encouraged us to simply tell our story. You are designed to tell a story. When reading a book, it’s difficult to know the story unless you know who’s writing. It’s when you know the author and his or her perspective that it all begins to make sense. The same is true for our life story. God wrote the story of all time and included us in it. Who writes your story? Do you let others write it? Have you tried to write your own story yourself? Or do you like God write your story? The best part of letting God write our story is that He is the author and the finisher!

Once we know who writes our story, we need to know the contents of our story. What is your story? In light of the contents of our own story, we need a Savior as the central character. When we rehearse whats in the past, we find ourselves still lost. When we only see ourself as found we can became prideful. The story, no matter what happened, can go a little like this - I was lost but now I'm found. I was blind but now I see. I was dead but now I'm alive, I was broken but now I'm whole.. 

Like children, we often don't catch every detail when we first hear a story and need to hear it again, and again, and again. Eventually, children know whats coming next in the story - they just have to turn the page. You may feel in the dark now, but turn the page and see that light is on the way. Jesus conquered death and the grave and set us free. Then he rose again and gave us life eternal. As soon as He enters the scene, our story becomes eternal. That’s why we have to tell it--it’s for someone else.

The author and the contents of our story begs us to ask the why - and the why must be that it is for someone else. Our story is not only designed to bring God glory, but it is designed to bring people to Him. Pastor Kristen reminded us that God is our designer, he knew our name and he set us apart before the foundations of the earth. 

Nicole, one of our community members, has been coming to Trinity Harlem since launch. She said, "It was nice to hear the end of her message. God designed you and he already knows your name. I think we hear that a lot, but it's nice to hear it again." 

Now, who is your story for? Our story gives God glory. So we must ask ourselves: How am I going to give God glory with my story?

Ron lives here in New York City and invited his friend, Sherrion, who lives in Atlanta. Both of them were brought to tears by the message. They were especially moved to be more selfless, acknowledging that their stories aren't just for them, but are meant to be shared to uplift someone else. 

Next week - same times, same place, PLUS the launch of Summer Nights! Now is the perfect time to share YOUR story and invite people to learn about HIS STORY. This unique worship service will be different than our morning services - we will go deeper and more people will connect with God and others! We can't wait to see you there.