Have you ever prayed to be normal? Probably not. None of us want to live a normal life. Yet we often wonder, "Is it normal to do this?" or, "Is it normal to do that?" We compare ourselves to people around us. In this age of social media, the comparison can be as never ending as our various timelines. We often allow those comparisons to dictate what normal is. But we are not called to be normal--we are called to be unique. In Pastor Taylor’s message yesterday, he told us that we are designed ON purpose FOR a purpose. 

We have to decide to stop looking around and start looking ahead. We must pursue the purpose God has set aside for us. The basis of our series #DESIGNED is Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” In John 21, Jesus reminds Peter of his calling, but Peter is distracted by the calling on others’ life. 

We are designed by God on purpose for His purpose.
— Pastor Taylor

Mela (pictured right), one of our newest servant leaders, was particularly impacted by this message. She said: 

“I have struggled with conquering my past and comparing myself to others. I believe this word was just what I needed! It confirmed many things that I've been praying about such as a revelation that the way HE created ME was PERFECT! The word today helped me release the bondages from my past and set me free from the past others were holding me to.”

Rudy was visiting from Italy and happened to stop by.

“I haven't belonged to a church in a long time, I would say I identify mostly as Catholic. I came from Italy, and I believe that God wanted me to be here at Trinity today to hear this message.”

It’s stories like these that encourage us and remind us that God has His finger on each of us. He decided this world would be even better with YOU in it. He designed YOU with a purpose in mind. Own your purpose. 

Last night’s Team Night was a success! It was a great night to connect with our team, share a meal and learn how we can go deeper as followers of Christ and servant leaders. There was much debate over who actually won the lip sync battle, but we agreed to disagree in love. We also made a BIG announcement: Summer Nights! If you haven’t been able to join us on Sunday mornings, here’s your opportunity to still be a part of our community. Each Sunday during the month of August, we will hold a 6pm service for our community. Come belong!