April was quite a month at Trinity! From our first-ever Easter as a church, to throwing a big party for our first birthday, to making a splash with baptisms on our sidewalk, it was a month to remember.

We began our month of celebrations with Easter Sunday! Also known as Resurrection Sunday, it’s a day that reminds us we can begin again. It gives us a sense of new urgency for the life God has for us. It's kind of crazy to think that Jesus endured all He did just to save us. Jesus demonstrated His genius, His gifts and power on this Earth. Many saw, many were healed but even so, some refused to believe. But WE believe! And He is shaping all of us into the men and women He has called us to be. Because we know and love Jesus, we are called to a higher standard. He will not ignore you or leave you alone. He is always in our corner, but more importantly, He’s always fighting for us. Jesus is for you, HE will never ignore, and HE will always adore you.

The very next week, we celebrated our first birthday as Trinity Church Harlem! We’ve seen so many great things happen over the course of one year and are so thankful that God would use us to accomplish His will. So we threw a party! And when we say party, we do mean party! We’re talking dance numbers, confetti, fun party hats and more!

The last Sunday of the month was baptisms and what a beautiful day it was! Since Launch, more than 80 of our community members made the decision to go deeper in their walk with God by getting baptized. It’s always a time to celebrate! It’s a public declaration of an inward decision, a commitment to God and the decision to share it with the world. It’s like a wedding ceremony with Jesus!

Though we’re celebrating a year as Trinity Harlem, our history goes much deeper than that. There have been many people who have come before us laid the groundwork for what we get to do today. So we celebrated over a century of hard work, faith and dedication to bring this harvest into fruition.

In short, April was a month to celebrate all God has done, is doing and is going to do through us. We pray our answer is always YES. The best is yet to come!