Sunday, April 17th was the day we had all been waiting for: Launch Day. Our lead pastors had spent over a year building a team and community to serve Harlem and we had rallied together despite our various ethnic, social and hometown backgrounds to be a part of something big: a church launch. 

Any one of us will tell you: the road to this day wasn’t easy. Our faith was surely tested when we were met with challenges and setbacks along the way. But God! As we huddled for team prayer before our first service, the magnitude of just what we were doing enveloped us. It was a moment where many of our team felt small and in awe of how God had used us to build something so much bigger than ourselves here in this community. After this, we realized, there was no turning back. And there was no way we wanted to. 

The energy we felt on Sunday was unreal. In all honesty, we knew what to expect but we also didn’t know what to expect. And yet somehow, our expectations were far exceeded. We’re talking standing room only in both services, more than 100 new connections made through our Connect Corner, exponential growth in TC Kids and dozens making the decision to follow Jesus. Even when there was a power outage during Pastor Taylor’s sermon, that didn’t stop us from praising God. That was a moment we’ll never forget. 

We were so happy to share with everyone exactly what we’ve been doing these past few months, from hosting a basketball bash in the summer to handing out back-to-school supplies and throwing a Halloween party in the fall. With every event, our #HeartForHarlem just continues to grow. We also had some very special guests, including our lead pastors’ families and other supportive minister friends. Taylor’s brother, Rich Wilkerson Jr., stopped by to show his love and support. On behalf of his wife and their 7-month-old church in Miami, Vous Church, he sowed a seed into Trinity Harlem. We couldn’t be more grateful for his and other gifts sown into this ministry that we believe is going to effect change in Harlem.  

Pastor Taylor began a series called, "This Changes Everything." And it does. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, everything changes. We were reminded of how Jesus tells Peter to follow Him and He will make him a fisher of men. Jesus then changed his name from Simon to Peter and as a result, his identity was changed. In the same way, when we come to know Jesus our lives change. We are no longer slaves to the false nicknames and identities the world has given us because of who we are in Him. That’s why Jesus is always our message

Sunday was only the beginning. We like to compare Launch Day to a wedding day. The wedding is fun and thrilling and energy is high and everyone is excited. Still, it’s only one day. It’s Day 1 of a beautiful marriage and the days, weeks, months and years that follow are much more important. We’re building a home and a family from here on out. It’s a family we hope you’ll come be a part of. Week 2 is upon us and we’re here to stay! Come join us Sundays at 10am + 12pm.