We at Trinity Church believe that where we’ve come from is just as important as where we’re going, so we want to share a bit of our history with you. What many of you may not know is that the building we’re in was a gift to our lead pastors. It was simply given to them at no cost. Just two years ago, this building housed another church--called Glad Tidings. It had been a popular nightclub in Harlem, where celebrities like Mike Tyson and Doug E. Fresh frequented. But the leaders of the church took "ZipCode" and transformed it into a place of worship. 

The church had begun in the early 1900s when a young woman named Marie Burgess was healed of a life-threatening illness. She shared her testimony of being introduced to the Holy Spirit and felt called to start Glad Tidings mission in 1907. It eventually grew into a church. She and her husband, Methodist-lay minister Robert Brown, co-pastored the church and served the community for several decades. Under their leadership, many lost souls were brought to Christ. But there was a group of lost souls the church overlooked: minorities.

When two young African American girls were neglected membership, one Bible teacher left the church and began to disciple them. Those two young women founded what would become Bethel Gospel Tabernacle in Harlem. Years later in 2002, the pastor of Glad Tidings led a repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation service between the two congregations and moved the church to central Harlem. This move was a symbol of the growth and evolution of a church that had a long history of racial division. With God, all things are possible! So you can see why unity and diversity in our church and community are deeply imbedded in our hearts. 

Today, we are a place where you belong before you even believe. Our heart is for ALL people. We take our cue from Jesus because all people are loved by Him. We welcome people of all races and from all walks of life to come share in His love. On Sunday, Pastor Kristen brought for the message "Lose Yourself." We are committed to losing ourselves in service to all mankind because we believe that's how others will find Jesus. He is our message.

We are continually praying for unity and diversity within our church and community, and our leaders make a conscious effort to ensure we create an environment where all feel welcome. And with just four days until launch, we believe we're exactly where we're supposed to be. We couldn't be more excited! We hope you'll join us. 

Sunday, April 17th
10am + 12pm
2207 7th Ave (at 131st St.)
New York, NY 10027