Hi and welcome to our blog! If you didn’t know, we’re launching a church! You may have heard of the work we’re doing or come across our posts on social media, but the truth is: we are still very much in the process of becoming a church. But on April 17, the doors to Trinity Church in Harlem will be open permanently!

Yesterday--Easter Sunday--was our last gathering before our official launch. It was the perfect day. Pastor Taylor spoke on how Jesus came to fill the separation gap between us and God. It was such a fitting message for what we believe God is doing through us here in Harlem because it reminded us that when we're lost and feel distant from God, we can always run back to Him and He will be there waiting for us. Because of the empty tomb, nothing can separate us from God. That's the message we want to share with this community. 

Our service yesterday was one of celebration, but also of giving. We welcomed neighborhood families to snag family photos against our floral backdrop and grab a fun Easter basket for their little ones in the process. 

We truly have a #HEARTFORHARLEM. About a year ago, Pastors Taylor and Kristen Wilkerson felt a calling on their lives to leave their home state of Florida and move to the Big Apple. Pastors Rich and Robyn Wilkerson of Trinity Church in Miami had been given the keys to a building in the heart of Harlem. A church rich in history and full of legacy had closed its doors and they asked Taylor and Kristen to take a leap of faith in rebuilding and relaunching it. After much prayer, the couple was confident that God had called them to make a home in Harlem. So they packed their bags, gave away their car and did just that. Since that time, they have been using their resources to both serve this community and recruit servant leaders who have a love for Christ, a heart for people and a passion for this community. Today, we have more than 80 launch team members who have stepped in to lend the gifts, talents and natural abilities God gave them to help build this church. You can learn more about some of our team below.

At Trinity Harlem, our mission is this: to win the lost, help the poor and teach the abundant life. Our #HEARTFORHARLEM activities over the past year have supported that mission, including basketball with the youth on summer Saturdays, a backpack giveaway for back to school and partnering with P.S. 154 and EQtainment to provide educational toys to Harlem children. What we have been reminded is that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And boy, do we care.

Yesterday, our launch campaign began! We don’t think it’s a coincidence that the day we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus marked 21 days until our launch. For these next 20 days, we are praying and fasting for our church and our community. When we fast, we are letting go of one thing to create space for God in our lives. And because we’re doing this as a team, we can hold each other accountable. We hope you’ll join us! Here’s what's included our vision: for people to know and love Jesus, for restoration of families and relationships, for unity among our community and so much more.

Not sure what to fast from? Most people fast food (as in, don't eat it). One of the examples Pastor Taylor gave was to fast lunch each day--instead of eating lunch, pray. You could also fast Netflix or TV. But whether you're fasting food or something else, you should feel the weight of it. It should create a hunger for Jesus. When you feel hunger, your body is triggering you to eat. In that moment, you shift your desire from food to God and you remind yourself that you need Him to move. During this period of fasting and praying over the next 20 days, we are believing God to fill us up.

We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come! We don’t believe we are here by chance or accident, but by divine assignment. Want to stay in the loop? Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our daily prayer topics, renovation road and what we’re learning in the process. We believe this journey isn't just for us, but for our community so we want to share it with you whether you're near or far. Stay tuned!