When we declared 2015 as a year of MORE, perhaps we didn’t fully comprehend how much MORE God would do. There’s something very powerful about praying and declaring bold prayers over your home. Maybe at the start of the year, you prayed bold prayers over your children, your marriage, even your future. As a church, we believe we create much more than gatherings and worship services, we actually create a home. We create a place where people belong and our families can grow. When we prayed MORE over Trinity Church and Peacemakers, God took our bold and powerful prayer and increased our home.

In Isaiah 54:2-3, the Lord tells us to, “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left, and your offspring will possess the nations.”

The reason the Lord encouraged Isaiah to “enlarge the tent” was because more people would be coming inside than ever imagined. In fact, there would be so many people that if he didn’t enlarge the tent there wouldn’t be enough room for everyone. What we must realize is that the tent is the Church and the enlarging is the territory. Trinity Church and Peacemakers will grow all across the nation in 2015. We believe God is stretching us, furthering us, and strengthening us to give us new ground.

 This year we will launch a new Trinity Church and Peacemakers location in Harlem, NYC!

 In January, we were handed the keys to a building in the heart of Harlem. A church full of legacy and history had closed its doors, and we have been given the opportunity to revitalize and relaunch a vision that has long been a part of their mission: to reach the lost, to help the poor, and to teach the abundant life. In the midst of a city full of broken and hurting people, we are confident that God has called us to make a home in Harlem. A place where people become whole, and are set free from addiction. A place where relationships are mended and families are reconciled. A place where the poor are taken care of and the widow can find rest. A place where the unemployed are equipped for jobs and the homeless find stability. A place where people can experience the love of Jesus and never be the same again.

Firmly planted in Miami, we have sent our son and daughter-in-love, Taylor and Kristen Wilkerson, to start the groundwork and take on the role of campus pastors. Taylor, with a Theology and Business degree from Southeastern University and working on his masters of divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary, and Kristen, also a graduate of SEU with a degree in Theology and Evangelism, are both well equipped and excited to work alongside us in this new project. They have a gift to communicate the gospel in large as well as personal settings, and they are determined to work as hard as they can to see Harlem full of the hope of Jesus. They are living in Harlem now, meeting people everyday, and inviting them to join our team.

 With this great mission, we are also faced with great need. Although we have a building, there are obstacles holding us back from opening Trinity Church and Peacemakers Center to the public. Our building is beautiful, with three stories of exposed brick, hardwood floors, large windows, classrooms, and offices, but it is also unfinished. In order to open, we are going to need:


  • An Elevator – we need our building to be accessible for those who are disadvantaged.
  • Renovations – we need our lower and upper level to be complete and up to code for classrooms, offices and daily gatherings to be fully functional.
  • Monthly support – in order to begin outreach ministries, we need the appropriate resources to help those in need.
  • Hard workers – we need your help! If you have a skill set or simply a heart to serve, why don’t you consider joining us in NYC for a week or even longer? We’d love to have you or your group.
  • Team Members - Would you consider joining our launch team? We need committed people who feel a call to reach the lost in Harlem. 
  •  PRAYER – without Jesus, none of this will ever work. We need you to pray for us and for this city, that Jesus will be known and glorified!

We are beyond excited about the potential this new location possesses. But we are even more excited about the purpose: People meeting JESUS. We believe that as we keep our eyes on the purpose, God will provide the resources. Would you consider being part of our growth into Harlem? That may mean moving to New York City to serve with us, or committing a time each day to pray for us, or perhaps giving even MORE than you thought you could! Whatever the action may be, please be encouraged that because of your giving we have already been able to do MORE … And we are truly grateful.

Let’s do MORE together!

Rich & Robyn Wilkerson